Our new podcasts for 2018

When I was a little boy in Loves Park, Illinois, at bedtime my grandpa would switch on his Zenith transistor radio, which sat on the nightstand next to my bed, to help me drift off to sleep. Tuned to WBBM, I remember vividly the archaic, synthesized tones of the CBS “sounder” at the top of the newscasts. While, I wasn’t sure then what its effect had been upon me, I later realized that it had stirred something inside of me that would inspire me to be a radio producer years later.

That feeling, coupled with the radio plays my buddy Tom and I used to produce on my red, bulbous Panasonic tape recorder (which we’d broadcast over walkie talkies), likely inspired me to try out for a radio show here in Europe in 1993 – and, with a bit of persistence and a lot of hard work, I eventually got my first radio gig on a show called Budapest Day and Night.

In time, I would produce radio shows at international radio networks, host at two NPR affiliates in the US, file wraps and long-form feature stories for a number of national and international syndicated shows, and even produce my own podcast here in Central Europe (called Budacast). With all that in mind, watch this space for forthcoming episodes of our new podcasts here at Sounds Serious Communications.

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