Radio Stringer

Compelling radio features and news spots from Europe

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Benefits of our Radio Stringer services include:

  • Quick turn-around – spot news within minutes, features in 1-2 days

  • Attentive, easy to work with

  • No language issues – voiced up by a native speaker of English

  • Well-written scripts

  • Good audio quality for v/o and actualities

  • Precise and accurate reporting

Long-form feature stories

We specialize in long-form features for radio, because of our love for the process: pitching and refining the story, interviewing a wide variety of people, including subject experts and everyday people, recording sound, logging tap, writing and rewriting scripts, voicing up that script and editing all of the pieces together – voila! It’s done and then comes the satisfaction of listening to the piece on the radio, for both your listeners and you.

Quick & dirty spot news

We’re on the ground here in Europe, monitoring continental, regional and local news, to be able to provide you radio news readers and short spot reports with actualities to cover breaking news. We are careful to provide context to events as they happen and can follow a story continuously for you as needed.

Let us handle the details

With over 20 years in the broadcast and communications’ industries, we deal with the details of producing your radio content like the interview scheduling, prep/background material, sound recording and any other technical particulars. The final, edited version of your story will be concise and punchy content that will keep your listeners coming back for more.