Your Press Release Will Stand Out From The Crowd

Do you have your own press office or know how to write a press release? If not, we are experts in PR marketing, publicity and corporate communication. We provide outstanding media releases that generate stories about your business and result in high visibility and media hits.

Hire a publicist!

Benefits of our Press Release Writer services include:

  • Production of high quality, interesting public relations content about your business that can often be reused for other purposes like internal newsletters, or social media campaigns
  • An publicist’s perspective on business communication: what and how your company should communicate to media organizations
  • Removal of a burden from your staff, who may not be professional writers and likely have little time to deal with writing a press release (a press release template is not sufficient!)
  • Improving the overall quality of external communications at your enterprise by training staff how to communicate with the media

Why content is king, for interaction with the media, too

Are you trying to sell, inform or entertain? A press release should probably do all of these things. Should you publish it on your intranet, send out an HTML e-mail to journalists or print it out for distribution at a press conference? As a PR agency and working from our abundance of marketing and communications, publishing, online media, and radio experience, we can help you decide. We tailor our service offering to your business communication needs.

How we get started

We consult with you on the particulars of your media release objectives–things like how long it should be, how to publish/release it (and to whom), the subject matter, and whether photos/images are needed. We may also communicate with media organizations and/or reporters about what they would find interesting on the topic, increasing the chances that your news gets media exposure. After that, we work with you and your staff to write and edit down your text to its essentials–sometimes this may entail conducting an interview with your management or in-house experts to generate interesting quotes. You’ll receive the final edited draft of the press release for your approval after which the material can be distributed to journalists, editors and bloggers.

Let us handle the details

Let us be your PR manager! With over 20 years in the communications’ industries, our Press Release Writer services team takes care of the details of authoring your media content, from setting an editorial schedule, to acting as the editor, helping to keep deadlines and publishing the final, outstanding release, fulfilling your objectives and keeping the media coming back for more. As part of your overall communication strategy we can also help you in the organization of press conferences, and can assist in getting your message out via comprehensive social media strategies that make use of LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, or even capitalize on media release services like PR Newswire.