Top Brass Podcast – Insights from upper management in CEE

Bringing you interviews on sales techniques with chief executives, the Top Brass Podcast gets upper management in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) talking about what fires them up in the morning, what gets them through the day, and what keeps them up at night. Their insights in this motivational podcast will give you food for thought and motivation for global management.

What are your advanced sales strategies? This preview episode of Top Brass (which aims to be one of the best business podcasts) features Dr. Andreas Boetcher, a recognized sales professional who used to be an actual physician but built and sold a multi-million dollar wellness center from the ground up. He says that his advanced sales strategies grabbed people’s attention: entrepreneurs began to seek him out about his sales process and wanted to hear how he was able to attract so many clients, growing his business quickly every year.

Featured in numerous motivational podcasts (as a recognized motivational speaker), Dr. Andreas now gives speeches and travels around the globe, as well as working with some of the biggest brands in professional sports and hospitality in the US and Canada. He also works with bestselling authors like T. Harver Ecker and Brian Tracey, offering sales techniques, sales strategy and training sales professionals on the art of the authentic sales success.

This is the pilot episode of a planned series of business podcasts produced in association with that will launch in 2018.

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Sales specialist Dr. Andreas Boetcher