Interview on KPMG’s Indirect Tax Compliance Center

Sounds Serious conducted an interview with the head of KPMG’s Indirect Tax Compliance Center in Budapest for the KPMG in Central & Eastern Europe’s regional newsletter. Here is an excerpt:

Indirect Tax Compliance Centre – A buzzing success in Budapest

Asked to describe a typical day on the 8th floor of the KPMG firm in Hungary, Mike Glover, Senior Partner, Head of Tax, says one word: “frantic.” Then, he smiles and offers: “extremely busy.”

“It’s almost like a beehive,” he explains of the 120 members of the Indirect Tax Compliance Centre (ITCC), who work in Budapest on VAT returns for a multitude of multinational clients, mostly from the UK and US. “You see people all the time working, moving, collaborating – it’s very modern in that respect, because you see people working together in small teams, and from that point of view it’s quite energising, a fascinating place to be.”

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