Energy Journalist

Not everyone can write energy news.

Get the story right!

Benefits of our Energy Journalist services include:

  • You receive a ready-for-publication article at a competitive rate that meets your deadline.
  • We have deep experience and familiarity with many of the storylines in the energy industry.
  • Our extensive database of contacts from industry, academia, NGOs, etc. means we can tap into numerous aspects of the story.
  • We check and verify our facts.
  • The story’s not done until we agree it’s done: We work with you to edit and refine it down to its essentials.

What’s your story?

From clean energy to oil prices, from geopolitics to environmental news, when it comes to writing about the energy industry, there’s a wide array of topics. Our Energy Journalist services rely on a combination of energy industry expertise (like knowledge of energy technology and energy economics), combined with public relations and communications skillsets to deliver energy news and content. Having developed a specialization for writing on natural gas news, we find LNG to be a particularly hot oil and gas news topic.

Regardless of the topic, we work with you to carefully select the aspects to be covered in your news story/feature/interview, so that we meet the objectives of your publication. This means you may either provide us with background material on the subject matter, or assign us to research the topic, and we have a short editorial discussion by phone or Skype before any reporting begins.

Let us handle the details

With over 20 years’ experience as a freelance journalist and communications consultant, you can trust us to work out the details: scheduling interviews, interview prep/background material, online research etc. The final, edited version of your commissioned content will be concise and punchy, keeping your readers coming back for more.

Our Energy Journalist public relations and communications practice is also able to take on editing jobs, do social media marketing for international energy conference producers and can show you how to write a press release for the energy industry.

Highlight your business with web content, social media marketing strategy

As part of our Energy Journalist services, we also produce top-notch web content for promotional or public relations purposes to make announcements, promote your brand and/or event.

Forget about fake news! It is our belief that energy news and content needs to be just as well-written as anything for a magazine or newspaper, as readers today are becoming ever-more choosy about what they read.

We can also help you to promote that content via comprehensive social media communication strategies that make use of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.