American Voice Talent

Let us be your voice in the language/style your clients/targets can understand

Your Message, loud and clear

Benefits of our “American Voice Talent” voiceover services include:

  • Understandable, clear delivery in a pleasant voice and American accent
  • Awesome sound quality – no need for technical/communications expertise
  • Expert approach to your project based on 20 years of broadcast and M&C experience
  • Exceeding your communication objectives, working with you to achieve perfection

Why the voice track is important

Are you trying to sell, inform or entertain? The voiceover you choose sets the tone for your project and that’s why one should select the most appropriate artist for the job. Working from an abundance of radio, TV, documentary film and online media experience, our American Voice Talent services can be tailored to your needs.

How we get started

We consult with you on the particulars of your project, like how long it is, the subject matter, what its purpose is and the necessary sound quality. Then, we work with you to perfect your voiceover text before it’s voiced up. We’ll then send you an audio sample to make sure that the final voiceover is done in a style that suits the project, because you wouldn’t want an advertising voice for a documentary film, or vice versa.

Let us handle the details

With over 20 years in the broadcast and communications’ industries, we will deal with the details of producing your voice track, like the sound recording and any other technical particulars. The final, edited version of your voiceover will hit the nail on the head, fulfilling your objectives and keeping your clients and targets coming back for more.